The Charming Cotswolds

Sunset at Edwards College, South Cerney, England © 2014 Tony Calvert. All rights reserved.

It would be hard to find anywhere in the world with the rural rustic charm of the Cotswolds. Last year we visited Bath and I thought this area of South West England was beautiful but the Cotswolds step things up … Continue reading

The Wild and Wonderful West

Resting on the Cornwall Cliffs © 2014 Tony Calvert. All rights reserved.

In our previous trips to the UK we hadn’t made it to the Southwest of England and Wales, this trip we rectified this serious omission! Let me start by saying Cornwall is a stunning place to visit. The rugged coastline, … Continue reading

ANZAC Day on the Western Front

Veterans marching to Menin Gate © 2014 Tony Calvert. All rights reserved.

Anzac Day is an special and emotional day for New Zealanders and Australians. Anzac Day marks the anniversary of the first campaign (Gallipoli) that led to major casualties for Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War. It … Continue reading

Porto is so close to Schiphol

Traditional Boats © 2014 Tony Calvert. All rights reserved

Closer in fact than any of New Zealand’s airports to an international destination. So if your wife is having a birthday what better present than a weekend away. This sort of present has the added benefit of allowing me to … Continue reading

Flatter than a flat thing!

Very flat landscape © 2014 Tony Calvert. All rights reserved

I know there is no such word as flatter, well not used in this context, but it is very flat here. Coming from New Zealand you do notice the absence of anything even approaching a mound in the west and … Continue reading

Settling in to the Dutch lifestyle

Leiden Canal © 2014 Tony Calvert. All rights reserved

We are ten days into living in the Netherlands and we are liking the place! We have been quite busy with visits to the Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam as well as some of the logistical issues that come with shifting … Continue reading